Physically sick again

Hey there,

Physical illness, although the least of my problems, really brings me down. I have pneumonia and was told by my Doctor to take a good seven days rest. “Hang your boots up”, he said to me. Easier said than done,to someone with a head like me!! I need to be active and cannot lie down all day, or rest I mean. I can for awhile but I get bored quickly. My mind then starts to wander and I could end up anywhere, mentally that is.
I have my near 3 year old daughter for company, although she also has pneumonia!!
She is coping better than me though at the moment, its just a pity that she cannot reach that kettle. Grow up kid!!
I did not have a lot of energy today and the new meds played havoc on my stomach so I am feeling sorry for myself tonight. I am on my own now, everyone else in the house is gone to bed. I am just in the opening chapter of a book I have always wanted to write, not looking for a bestseller but something that may help my kids understand me and the illness I have. ” So”!!! I am hoping they will say that a lot when reading it.
Remember exercise , diet and me time will help improve your quality of life.
Be good


One thought on “Physically sick again

  1. Aw, poor you, sorry to hear you are so unwell. As for the book – a lovely legacy for your children – and it may well be a bestseller – it may well be. Keep well.

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