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We would appreciate anyone who writes a piece for Pen Relief to tell us, in a few words by clicking on the above buttton( Comments By Authors) how it has affected you. You can still remain anonymous by doing this.

10 thoughts on “Comments By Authors

  1. Writing about my sons’ autism was a big thing for me at first. I love writing. But I was worried that it would be like I was seeking pity, or worse, complaining about them!! ‘Amazing Brains’ felt good to write though, once I plucked up the courage and got into it. I don’t feel hard done by or even ‘having a cross to bear’. I think everything happens for a reason and I am honoured to be their Mum. Things happened at a pace we have managed. If I had been told twelve years ago that I would have two sons with autism I would have been terrified. But it’s really not a terrifying experience. Just challenging at times. Okay, so sometimes I do get frustrated that we can’t do everything that perhaps families without autism might be able to do. I worry like most parents about their children. But I know that worrying about someone is actually more of a hindrance than a help, and so I try to see them as doing really well (which they are) and trust in their ability to develop their talents and qualities and really shine. There is a lot of fun stuff, and we laugh a lot. Thanks for reading, and thanks to those who left all those really warm and supportive comments. That was very moving for me.Thanks to Pen Relief for this way of allowing people to get things off their chest.

    “I want people to know there is a way out other than suicide and I am a living example of that. I hope people will realise that when they read my story, everyone is so precious and YOU are important, YOU just have to start believing it, YOU will get there as I have.Thanks to Pen Relief for giving me a chance to tell my story.”

  3. I loved writing about giving up custody of my son. It’s a situation that does not get much attention, and one I think is hardly unique. I believe I have found my purpose in sharing my experiences and lessons learned, and in coaching others to persevere, overcome, and transform. I’m grateful to for the opportunity to continue to share my heartbreak and triumph with others.

    I have always loved to write and find that I express myself rather freely when doing so. Even at times when I’ve done no writing but in a journal it has always served me well. Clearing thoughts from my head by getting them on paper allows me to carry on throughout my life without those thoughts continuing to bounce around. I think writing is sometimes an underestimated tool for processing and healing – when thoughts remain in our minds they come and go, expand and contract, without fair warning. Writing them down puts them in existence where they can be revisited, reevaluated, and reassessed.

  4. After my long and painful journey once I escaped the emotional torture of incest, I felt that I had an obligation to share my life story. I spent thirty years feeling dehumanized while living with my perpetrator – my stepfather who was a sociopath and my mother who sacrificed me.
    I feel that if I can help even one precious victim find the courage to escape their situation and seek help, then what I went through will not have been in vain. This has become my greatest mission in life. There is nothing greater in this life than helping and loving others.
    Elise McGhee, author
    Thirty Years of Silence – Kindle and Nook

  5. I wrote “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Megan” on the same exact day I went through the experience I detailed in this particular post. I also wrote it as a dedication to my friend who unexpectedly stopped by my house the night before and poured out her heart to me. She trusted me to listen to her woes and to not judge her. I wanted to give her something back in return, so I shared my pain and how I dealt with it, hoping it would give her a bit of comfort as well. It did that and it comforted and soothed me as well. Now, I can come back to this post and read through it and use it as a way to help me get through other hurdles and “obstacle illusions” that inevitably will pop up in my life. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to share the post here on Pen Relief as well. I hope it brings comfort to others who read it.

  6. I wrote “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” on a day that I was experiencing a bit of anxiety about my life and my future. I like to go on walks, I feel its a moving meditation so to speak. And so, when I was meditating in my chair after having done a little bit of yoga, I knew that I had to get out and walk and move my body and work on letting go of all of my anxiety and fears and those “what if” commentaries that fill my mind and can change my mood and outlook at any given moment. I wasn’t expecting to write a blog about this, but then the best type of posts are ones that happen organically. Thank goodness I had the foresight to bring my cell phone with me on my walk and could take photos of the park and the geese that were following me. If you’re interested in reading the blog and looking at the photos and the Avett Brothers video that goes with it, check out my website:

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