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Pen Relief is a writing intervention which came about from the beneficial experience that writing brought to a man with mental health issues. Gerard Collins has battled manic depression and anxiety for all of his adult life, and believes that writing has improved his outlook on life and the way he views it. ” I was encouraged to write by my sister in law, Lor Collins, some years ago and my outlook has improved dramatically because of it. So now I am trying to encourage people all over the world to try and help each other by writing things down.I believe that those who walked the walk have great advice for others who may be walking a similar path”.

Below is what Pen relief is all about:

Are you a person that finds it difficult to get something off your chest? Would you find it difficult, for any reason, to talk to someone about it? Would you find it easier to write things down?

This is what PEN RELIEF is all about. If you are going through a crisis and would like some relief, we ask you to write it down. It could be any issue that is having an adverse reaction to you or your loved ones such as Bullying, Suicide, Mortgage arrears/Financial problems, Depression, Anxiety, Learning difficulties, Disability, Loss, Divorce, Discrimination or any other issue at all that may be having a detrimental effect on you or someone you know.

You may well have found the solution to some of these issues, you may be going through them. If you write about it then you may well help someone else or someone else may help you. Writing it down may not solve it but it will help you. Who better to learn from but each other.

The story you tell does not have to be a sad one, it may be a happy ending, but writing about it may make it a happy one for someone else who is going through the same scenario but is reluctant to get the help they need.

IMPORTANT:This can be done anonymously if you choose so nobody will ever know your identity.Your confidentiality is guaranteed!! There are those writing at this moment who are happy to have their identities known, the choice will always be yours.

About us: We are individuals who work in the community helping people and families cope with whatever issues that are affecting them.We have wide experience of some of the above issues personally and some of us battle to keep them under control, some of the stories will be ours!!

Our Aim: The aim of this is to get people to talk to others about their issues, whilst remaining anonymous if wished, we are very aware of the benefits that this may well bring to you. A problem shared is a problem halved and we all have a story to tell.

Our objective: We would like to print these stories in some way, whether it will be

a book or journals or articles in a newspaper, will depend on your writings!! You have an opportunity to help yourself and/or help others who may well be in difficult times.

We have set up an e mail account and we would like to send your story to penrelief@gmail.com Set up a new e mail for the purpose of writing to us if you do not want your identity known.


DISCLAIMER: None of the contributors to Pen Relief are trained or qualified to diagnose or give medical advice on any type of psychological or psychiatric condition, unless stated after the contribution. The opinions expressed in this blog are in general just that,opinions, and should never be taken in lieu of proper professional advice.We provide a space for people to get things off their chest and we will refer those who ask, to the proper services. Trained professional counsellors can be contacted if a person asks for them.

If we feel that a child may be harmed, or there is the potential that harm may be inflicted on a child we have a legal obligation to disclose all information to the relevant authorities.

Pen Relief is moderated at all times and retains the right to not publish any material that we feel may be harmful to others.

If we feel that a contributor is in danger at anytime then we will do our utmost to make sure that he/she gets the best advice and/ or help that is possible, and in doing so will forefeit the right to keep confidentiality / anonymity as a right. we will give the relevant authorities all the information that we have, in this instance.

Gerard Collins


19 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Absolutely great initiative…everyone has a story..wouldn’t it be great to have ordinary everyday people’s stories. This would not only serve as an aid to others in time of need but also as a history of the ordinary people as opposed to seeing history through the eyes of the priviledged!

  2. It’s great to have somewhere – not just for support – but to let people have a vent if they need to. Just getting how you feel out there and knowing you are listened to will make a huge difference. I am beyond rage at the duplicity of the British government – and the things I can do about it don’t seem enough. That is so frustrating.

    • I understand your frustration at your Government and the people of the UK who voted ‘none of the above’ should have a rethink , although it is understandable that it was their heart talking they should use their vote more wisely. Not voting can play onto the hands of those who cause the mess. Civil disobedience seems to be building across the whole of Europe and people are angry. Life is rough for a lot of people , so let’s mobilize and get them writing !

  3. I hope this origination can help people to talk we need to talk our problems can’t be bottled up… Good luck with everything

    • Thanks Norma, maybe you know someone that would like to contribute? We are not an organisation just someone who is trying to help others from a kitchen table!!

  4. This is a great Idea, there are many types of therapy and people tend to over look the therapy that can be drawn upon in writing. We spend huge amounts of money on narrative therapy, when you can get similar benefits from simply clicking on this site and typing. Some people find it hard to even express their emotions to a counselor but here you can remain completely anonymous, I know I am going to be writing on here quite regularly now, I have suffered my whole life with mental health issues and I no longer am a prisoner of self stigmatizing behaviour, so please people I urge everyone to speak out and write about their issues, dont bottle it up, help break down the barriers that is caused by society surrounding mental health illnesses 🙂 xx get typing!! 🙂 Catherine Moloney

    • Catherine, I have been manic depressive for years and kept it hidden away except from those I got close to and even then that backfired at times. welcome to Pen Relief, a new chapter begins. Ger

  5. What a fantastic idea. I have always found writing my problems down very cathartic, and taking photos too. It gives me something tangible to relate to and look back at, and can, over time, help me look back to see the warning signs of any changes in my mood or temperament (I have manic depression). All the very best of luck 🙂

  6. I’m looking forward to this experiment, I have written my whole life. I have bi polar disorder and it helps my racing thoughts. Even been published. Glad I ran into this,…MalindaVanGogh

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