Why you should try Pen Relief

Would you find it difficult to tell others that you are very ill? How would you tell your family and friends? Would you? Why wouldn’t you? Personally speaking I always told people, from an early age that I was sick, it was a title bestowed on me in a psychiatric hospital after I was committed there by my family at 17. One in three people will have it at some stage in their lives, so why do we try to hide it by not talking openly about it? It is depression that I speak of here, or any mental health issue really!

I am manic depressive, or bi polar some of you may recognise it as. I have done the strangest things when on the high, spending thousands on cameras is one even though they remained under the bed after that, Hopping on a plane to the Far East on a moment’s thought, the lows then can prevent me from coping and I may stay indoors for days on end, not eating or washing even.

I admit that I feel so good on my highs that I do not take my medication, I feel “cured” so why bother? The demography of suicide amongst men of my age is rising, I am 49 now. Men do not like to talk about problems really; face to face talk can be a problem for most. Women find it a bit easier to do so.There are thousands of men, and women, in deep personal crises at the moment and we all have a part to play in helping each other, this is the idea behind Pen Relief.

Setting this project up makes me feel better but that could change tomorrow and I may lock myself up for days on end , with the feeling that this will fail so why bother?

Pen Relief gives all the chance to write things down, things that are affecting them, and things that can bring people to the depths of despair. Those reading your stories may be a help, your story may be a help to others, so give it a try.

Writing is therapeutic, although we all know that therapy can be a tiring process, but you can do it at your own ease, you can alter it at will, but it is a great intervention in getting things off your chest. Pen Relief is for you and by you, my job is to encourage you to try it, I have your best interests at heart, believe me. I am an ordinary father of three who wants to help others, by contributing to this project you will be doing the same.


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