I haven’t been able to listen to one of my favourite songs for a while… “Heal” by Tom Odell. When I listened to this song over the past couple of weeks, I would turn it off half way through, because it would make me feel sad and I would start to cry… Probably because of its lyrics and everything that has happened to me over the past couple of months! I met with someone today, who I haven’t known for a very long, for a cuppa and a chat in a cafe.
Genuinely, I wasn’t expecting much, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to feel as great as I am feeling now. Definitely one of my best days in a long long time, and it’s because I spoke with someone who I felt I could trust and in some way, relate to…talking about things I didn’t even realise were going on for me, talking about things that had built up inside of me since finding out about my cancer last April at the age of 24, talking about how it all began, how angry I felt about my misdiagnosis, how robbed I felt because I now cannot have my own children and how confused I felt, being faced with decisions about taking medication that could make my life a little better but could also potentially be seriously harmful to my body. Most importantly, we spoke about how important it was for me to talk, to get my feelings and what was going on for me out there. I guess, trying to not think about Cancer and it’s repercussions, wasn’t doing me any favours, it’s facing up to it and dealing with life now it what I have to do to make sure I get the best from life.
I came home today and listened to “Heal” and felt happy.

Thanks to Pen Relief for listening


Will it get better?

This was written by a young woman who needs advice and support from someone. Can you help her?

Hi im a single 24 year old girl…. I am struggling with coming to terms with my partner leaving me nearly 2 years ago. At the time I was 23 weeks pregnant with our baby boy and engaged to him. He left my life with no explanation and he has never seen his son either.. to say the least I was deeply in love with this guy even after what he had done. I never in my wildest dreams thought my future would not have him in it especially with a baby that we had planned on the way he completely shattered my life as I knew it… It is coming up to the date of when he left and all the heartache seems to get worse I genuinely have been strong and got on with things the best I can but I endlessly always fall back in hurt and upset on to why did he do it ,why didn’t he want me. I’ve never had any closure from him and he is pretty much a void subject with close family after all he did.. but I still cant help my heartache over this guy!! 
He has left me with a lot of anger over the years, upset,insecurity and very confused are much of my daily life.
He has moved on with his life has a new girlfriend,  is raising a 6 year old  girl, has a baby on the way which is due on our sons birthday as well. Finding all this out has cut me to pieces!! 
I have an amazing son who is an absolute credit and I cherish everything about him.. but I see myself as a very broken girl damaged goods with no closure because of the love of my life shattered life as I knew it.. I’m tired from my heartache. I have had counselling the past year to help me cope but still it dont help with the loneliness I feel..WILL MY HEARTACHE EVER END 😦Image