This letter is my opinion, and it is your opinion what you think of it. I have respect for your opinion.If you understand it then the message is loud, and very emotive and clear. I am trying to save my life after trying hard recently to take it . If you don’t understand or believe it, then say it to me and I will help you understand me. If you care , that can happen. I need help please.

Sometimes, as humans, we can underestimate the power that our mental health has over us. We also do this with our physical health and in doing so we pay an ultimate price. The price varies according to the strength of the underestimation and as importantly, our understanding of it.

Physically the price could be a twisted ankle because we underestimated a height, an infection because we underestimated a cut, an abscess because again of underestimation of toothache.  Mentally too there is a price, because we can underestimate the strength of our mental health, and the mental health of those around us. We all misunderstand and estimate badly at times.

I did and I paid the price, and so too did those who have had to try and come to terms with me. I understand the emotions that can be stirred up by the smallest of misunderstanding, the pain, anger, the disbelief, because I am going through it with you. I too have those emotions. We all have, we are human.

We all have a part to play in helping each other, if you want to have good relationships with family and friends especially, this is important to know and understand if you want to reach out. We can support each other. We ALL need to reach out, some to save and some to be rescued.

It is difficult to know when the right time is to reach out, when you are in crisis especially, therefore fear prevents from asking. A fear like no other, a fear that those in crisis, can  understand. We then make a decision based on irrational thought and fear combined.

The reason most of us stand back when a fast car is coming down the road, even though the shop we want is on the other side, is made subconsciously. There is a lot happening so in milliseconds we make a decision that prevents us taking that step. We don’t put that foot out because we have a good idea that we will be hurt or even killed. We do this because whatever is on the other side, will still be there when the car passes. Which is why so many pedestrians are killed on our roads. They, or the driver, underestimated and misunderstood, and paid the ultimate price. A major traumatic event happens to family, friends and local communities are traumatised by this and it takes a long time to overcome such a trauma but support is there in many guises. A life crisis awakens lots of emotions, magnifying them at times. As a community we rally around the family of those who have had a loss or injury and we make their lives as comfortable as possible.

This too happens to those who are suicidal; they see the gap and the car but still take that step because the only thing that is in our minds is to cross. We want to cross because we are tired, in pain and we feel that the other side of the road offers us a release from our mental health. It is the best possible cure over there I have to get it no matter the cost. We don’t have the strength to do anything else, even though warning bells are ringing, people are calling us back, hands come out to grab us, and underestimation does not play a part, so we ultimately pay the price. At that moment everyone is in crisis.

Then we start to question and try to come to a better understanding of events that ultimately we, as family, friends and a community have paid the price for.

Did we not shout loud enough?  My arm was outstretched; did we put it out far enough? What if I was on the other side of the road, would they have listened to me? What if I went to the shop instead that day? Why? What? If only? How did it happen? I would have rathered it was me! All this comes with the journey we have now begun, the grief and the loss of a loved one. This is a difficult journey now that you have begun, it can be as difficult as the journey that has brought you here.

You must go forward now but with supports, we are still on a journey, our final destination is there. We might have to revisit the past at times, but the future is where the answers can be found. You need to find the right answers and gain an understanding of each other in order to survive as a person, a family and a community. If you don’t understand, for whatever reason, then you ultimately pay a much larger price.

I write this to those living in crisis, because I am there, I have seen both sides and I am paying a price, as you are. I know now what to do; I now recognise the hands and recognise the voices that were always there. I know where the best and safest place to cross, so too do many others but we must make people more aware. We have to make sure that those in crisis have supports; even a simple hello can make a difference. If you are walking with another then make sure you understand each other, if you are walking alone then know that there are many who will walk by your side.

Remember too that some people cannot read, write or understand problems, due to physical or intellectual illness. If I was blind you would offer your elbow and tell me that you are doing so, if I was deaf you would ensure that you talk face to face, otherwise communication or understanding cannot take place.

Try to understand those that walk by your side, daily, weekly of always. If you do then we will be on the right direction to coping with crisis.

I write this, my last piece for a while, as I now embark on a private and personal journey with my family and friends, of understanding and estimation. I will meet lots of people on that journey and if you really care, then reach out in some way, shape or form. Open the power of understanding that is innate in all of us. It’s ok too if you do not understand, but it will just keep a crisis alight while others are desperately trying to help. It’s not easy but we can do it together.

I have many letters after my name, not educational in the sense of State examinations, but because of people’s estimation of my mental health. I live with my mental illness every day and need supports, please help. Do not underestimate my cry for help, I am shouting from the rooftop. You all have so much to offer me and each other.


Gerard Collins


4 thoughts on “HELP ME PLEASE

  1. GerI’m so sorry. I wasn’t  aware that you were in such a dark place.You reached out. The road is a long tough and lonesome one but with support and the love of those around you one step one moment at a time will help.I my thoughts & prayers. Tisha 

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  2. I wish you all the best. Just remember even when you feel alone, there is someone out there feeling the same, all it takes is for you to tell your story, someone in the same situation will come along

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