Stage Fright



Recently I stood before a large crowd, at a book launch in Castleisland, Co Kerry. I spoke of the benefits that writing had brought to my life, it was a nerve-wracking experience but the feedback has been great .

I spoke in front of published writers, a historian and poet, some local dignatories and members of the public. I was supported and joined at the podium by Julett Culloty, the newly crowned Kerry Rose, who too writes as an aid.

I give them a glimpse into my life, living with manic depression and anxiety. What a buzz, what a relief to openly speak to people. The shame has gone, although there was little left.The anxiety almost immediately lifted and I now know what friends have been telling me for years, we all have a story to tell.

Tell it I say to you all, tell them how you cope, tell them how you don’t cope. It does not matter which it is, have a go. It is a similar feeling to running barefoot in early morning dew. Its a different buzz to alcohol and drugs, but stronger.

Start simply, write a few lines about what makes you happy or sad, what you use to solve problems. How you have built, or lost some resilience in your life. you can do so anonymously. Nobody will know who you are at all.

Try it you will like it.

Special mention to Bean an Ti, Bridie Garvey. a woman who has always had some faith in me. Many thanks.

Feedback tells me that more people would be interested in listening to my story and hopefully some of them will pick up a pen and jot things down. Start anywhere, three times a week for two weeks to start. You do not have to be a writer, or ever have written before.


2 thoughts on “Stage Fright

  1. I was at book launch and heard your talk. It was the first time I have ever heard anyone speaking openly about manic depression. We’ll done. I am still thinking about what you said and you made it all seem so normal. It was like a breath of fresh air in the mysterious world of mental health.

    • Thanks Anne, I got a great response from speaking that day. I was unsure as to how I would get my message across, so I stumbled a bit. I have been asked to speak to another group in the near future so I will let you , and others know how I get on. I will post another story very shortly so take 5 minutes to read it please. I found it to be very powerful. Its great to write!!

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