Pen Relief has been sent several stories that people needed to get off their chest but did not want them to be published and we have respected their wishes.They have written back to thank us for reading them. This is what we are about, helping each other. Why don’t you write a piece to us at, and get it off your chest.


Indian Summer

There is growing interest from India recently on the site and you are all very welcome to Pen Relief. If you would like to contribute please feel free to do so and we will respect peoples anonymity. Wherever you are from in this world you have a story to tell, wise words to impart and a willing audience to hear it. E mail your stories to and we will post them if you choose. Your story may be one that will be of great assistance to someone else in the world, or you may have a story that you just want to get off your chest. Pen Relief is non judgemental, have no doubt. 

Please have a look at what it is we are about and maybe leave a message to let me know you called.