Next time

Am going to try my best, to get it off my chest

Pen Relief, I will share my grief

And let you do the rest.

OCD is killing me, depression gets me down

Although I try to smile a bit, I end up with a frown.

My partner is in denial, so I’m sentenced without a trial

The judge says it will be grand, I say its out of hand.

No one listens to what I say

They hope tomorrow is a brighter day.

As bright as it gets, everyone forgets, that I wear a frown

I take all advice and so now I write it down.

The cures not there, the pain still aches

My family say “For Gods sakes”.

She says “ The problem is all inside your head”

I say “ No kidding, can I hear something else instead”.

I will write some more, it’s not a chore

It has made me somewhat better

Poetry is not for me, next time it may be a letter!!



Keep going!

Pen Relief has gone from strength to strength over the last few weeks and many of you have written, in various styles, and we thank you for that. We also thank those of you who have written but have not wanted to publish them. The aim is to get it off your chest and many of you have achieved this by writing in to Pen Relief so keep doing it. You can write about any issue to